About Organization

Our Vision

Janakalyan Pratisthan aspires for a Society that is just, Participatory, sustainable, free from exploitation and Discrimination in harmony with equality where individuals and groups have power to control their own lives In harmonious interdependence with nature.

Our Mission

Mobilize, Organize and empower the deprived marginalized poor through Facilitation towards self reliance improving their quality of subhuman lives on Sustainable basis.

Our Goal

The culture of silence by the deprived mass poor class is to be Broken through awareness and unity with a holistic approach which secures Power to the powerless majority leading to classless society.


The volunteers were involved who work with team spirit commitment and Sharing responsibilities. Its approach with community based development Programmes promote the values of selfness without any trace of patronizing. Greater Economic, Social, Political, equality and justice, self reliant and interdependent on one another unity and cooperation between individuals and Communities.


Janakalyan Pratisthan develops the process of people’s Organization forming Village committees in Micro level guided by Multipurpose workers. Forming clusters and supreme bodies with peoples representation at the area macro levels guided by cluster promoters promoting federation and peoples organizations at the Area level guided by the Project coordinator and executive body. The General Body consisting of Nine members and the Governing Body consisting of Five Member including three women members. To organize the weaker sections of the society specially tribes irrespective of religion and sex promoting Education, Health, Social Cultural and Economics Standards of living.

Aims & Objectives

To organize the weaker section of the society specially tribes irrespective of religion and sex promoting education, Health, social cultural and economic Standers of living.

To cooperate, collaborate and coordinate with Government and Non- Government Agencies at the state, National and International level that are Intended for the profit of weaker sections.

To Educate the people on utilization of indigenous knowledge, rural skills And Natural Resources.

To cooperate with other national and international organizations in tackling Rural problems pertaining specially to environment,agriculture,cottage and Small scale industries.

To encourage Rural women to enable them to stimulate cooperative societies and generally to undertake such measures as will help in the creation and Assertion of local leadership.

Legal Status

Legal Registration : Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, GJM No.1468-22of 1991-1992, Dated 15.05.1991
Income Tax Act,12AA of the I.T Act, 1961, 80G(5)of the I.T Act 1961 Foreign contribution regulation (FCR) ACT. 104910048. Dt. 8.09.1994.