Project 1

Name of the Project OTELP
Target Area Nuagada, Souri, Tunderi, Palapur, RubudiSing, Ketungapada
Target Group Scheduled Tribal People (Women, Farmers, Children Group
Aims & Objectives
  • Building capacity of the communities
  • Enhance access & productivity of land, water & forests
  • Encourage of farm Enterprise
  • Ensure food Security
  • Strengthen institutional capacity of Government agencies & Other
  • Build on indigenous knowledge and blend with technology innovations
  • Encourage development of pro-tribal environment
Goal of the Project Empowering the tribalís and enabling them to enhance their food security , to increase their income and improve overall of their livelihood.
Supporting Agency Govt. of Orissa, IFAD, DFID, WFP
Activities Land & Water Management, Agriculture & Horticulture development, Rural Finance service, Development of participatory forest Management, Community Infrastructure, Capacity Building.
Beneficiaries 1057
Out Come
  • By creating more water bodies 1. And better training on natural resource management the productivity has gone up substantially.
  • The farmers are confident of insuring at least one crop (Kharif) against any adverse weather condition in future.
  • The income level has gone up substantially by adopting a number of economic activities.
  • Mal-nutrition has come down among the women and children as consumption of vegetables, cereals have increased.
  • Animal mortality has reduced resulting in higher returns.
  • The peoples are able to understand financial implications by themselves through training and capacity-building training provided to them.
Farm pond
Check Dam with Masonry Canal 40 (7704 RMT)
Open well 22
Contour stone bunding /Trench 100084RMT
LBS 720 nos
Guard wall 1120 RMT
Chuan 9