Janakalyan Pratisthan is active grass roots organization working at District level with the tribal community through Integrated Socio-economic development i.e. Education, Community health focusing on Food security Livelihood promotion through natural resources with emphasis in Sustainable Agriculture production , Janakalyan -slogan “Land must, water Next and Food first for tribes” GENESIS-: Janakalyan Pratisthan is the creation of committed Youth Development workers with critical understanding with the alliance of intellectuals and experienced Development workers of the area.

It is secular, Non-political Organization aiming Social transformation through people’s participation at all levels. It was grown in Promoting a harmonious cooperation between various talents and professions for Development of the deprived actions of the society. It is originated with challenge against the exploited, unjust systems and structures in the society and intervened With cultural and sociological enquires to improve the quality of life and bring a Change within the society at all levels.

The team consisting of energetic Youth guided by learned professors, progressive lawyers and doctors with the leadership of experienced energetic secretary whose motivation and initiation lead to the Emergence of Janakalyan Pratisthan.


Janakalyan Pratisthan believes that the present society as classless society as a whole it is divided as a society of HAVE’s and HAVE NOT’s with an unequal Distribution of Natural Resources. The minute minority rich class possess and control the national and Natural Resources and divided the Scheduled tribe percentage majority class of poor usurping its wealth and vigor and lead them to Subhuman lives. The class division with the social cultural and religious Sanctions making the poor-poorer and Rich-Richer.

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Janakalyan Pratisthan is deliberately working in Gajapati District focusing its activities on Livelihood promotion of tribal communities through Natural Resources management , covering 10000 beneficiaries of tribal women, farmers and children, through strengthening existing livelihood systems ,promoting new systems on Income generation, Agriculture, Horticulture, micro credit ,micro enterprise devt, animal husbandry and community Infrastructure development .We have commitment for 20,000 beneficiaries in the coming days , to make the dream successful we appeal donors from all spore, corporate, Individuals, foundations domestic and International, donor agencies, missionaries to come forward to extend support hand to strengthen JKP to serve in more effective manner.